Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Being part of the society we are living in, Challenger Limited believes that any corporation has an integral role to play in social, economic and cultural developments, yet protecting the environment surrounding us and ensuring its sustainability. Enlightened by this concept, Challenger established a specialized Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Program in 2006 with the aim of integrating sustainable community development in the company’s different fields of operations.

Since the initiation of this program, Challenger has been conducting various programs that serve the communities and societies where the company holds its operations. Its CSR program supports long-term development, specifically in the areas of health, education and environment in addition to its aid programs in some special cases. The list of developmental movements that were/have been supported by Challenger includes, but not limited to:

  1. School for blind students in Tubruq, Libya
  2. Scholarships for engineering students in Egypt, in association with the Nahdet El-Mahrousa Foundation
  3. Benefit concert for Darfur in partnership with OATH to provide medical supplies for Darfurian refugees in Eastern Chad
  4. Sponsor CARE Egypt’s Spring Swing Golf Tournament, to provide proper sanitation for 200 families residing in Upper Egypt

Blind School in Tobruq, Libya
This project is one of the core developments supported by Challenger and reflecting the company’s social responsibility. This long-term CSR project aims at constructing a specially equipped educational institution in the town of Tobruq, Northeastern Libya, to serve 70 blind and visually impaired students from the age of 5 to 17. This school will be acting as the lightening route for this type of students to be integrated into the society as normal citizens by receiving an adequate level of education through which they can eligible for a future employment and acquire the skills of personal independence.

Though this project is still in the early stages of implementation, Challenger had so far contributed with:

  • Securing the land which the school will be built on
  • Equipping and providing a library with ICT-for-blind facilities
  • Training school staff and students in ICT-for-blind
  • Purchasing a school bus

Care Egypt’s 2007 Spring Swing
In 2007, Challenger Limited contributed to a fund-raising event as a gold sponsor. The Spring Swing Golf Tournament was held by CARE Egypt, which was gathering financial support for its Alive Project.
CARE’s Alive project was first initiated in 2001 as part of a series of social projects held by CARE implemented to serve thousands of Egyptian citizens. This project carries as main targets, improving quality of life standards and rural communities by supplying access to clean water and environmentally sound sewage and solid-waste management system.

The 2007 golf tournament succeeded to raise enough resources that were used to provide proper sanitation systems for nearly 200 families, approximately 1000 citizens, residing in Upper Egypt.

Nahdet El-Mahrousa “Young Innovator Award”
Challenger’s CSR program has never been limited to fund raising only. On the contrary, the company focuses as well on the importance of research and educational development in the society. This can be clearly highlighted in challenger’s Young Innovator Award.

The long-term goal of the Young Innovator Award is to generate more and better scientists for Egypt. It carries the aim of assisting graduating students by offering them various access to training, needed funding for research, equipments that would better help them in their research projects at the Egyptian national universities.

Challenger’s target has been represented in its partnership with Nahdel El-Mahrousa, which is a non-governmental Egyptian organization, initiated by a group of young Egyptians around the world believing in restoring the values, ideas and culture that once led Egypt to be the cradle of civilization. The partnership comes as a result of Challenger’s focus on developing the educational, scientific and research progress in the country because the inadequate training of scientists in Egypt’s educational institutions is a basic result of the current problem of modest and unsatisfactory quality levels of science in Egypt.

Since Challenger believes that the development of the Egyptian society cannot be achieved without strong and successful scientists and researchers, the company sought this partnership deal with Nahdet El-Mahrousa as the sponsor of the organization’s Young Innovator Award and agreed to be committed to:

  • Sponsor ten national awards for university students during the academic year of 2007-2008, under the name of Young Innovator Award. Winners are selected from the faculties of mechanical, mining/petroleum and metallurgical engineering’s at the Egyptian national unviserties, including Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Alexandria University, El—Mansoura University, Al-Azhar University and finally El-Minya University
  • Provide internships in the Engineering and Research & Development Departments at Challenger Limited or other subsidiaries and research centers for the recipients of the Young Innovator Awards.

OATH Darfur Benefit Concert
Helping and supporting Darfur’s refugees is one of the priorities on the list of Challenger’s CSR program. In partnership with OATH, Challenger Limited supported a special concert held in New York, which was of valuable benefits to the International Medical Corps (IMC), which is a nonsectarian, nonpolitical, global humanitarian aid organization providing critical services in Darfur as well as neighboring Chad.

OATH is an organization committed to raise global awareness about the various humanitarian crises all over the world through the means of music and arts. It brings different faiths all together to create long lasting partnerships between them and being the tool to help solving conflicts and alleviating suffering.

The New York concert targeted the fund raising for healthcare infrastructure in the Gaga Refugee Camp, located in Eastern Chad. This camp, established in December 2004, had a maximum accommodation capacity of approximately 5,000 refugees. But, currently the camp is experiencing a continuous influx of new refugees and has become a shelter for over 14,000 refugees.

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