Challenger’s strategy paves the way to its goal to become the leading drilling contractor and the “Contractor of Choice” in North Africa and Middle East (MENA) Region. Characterized by the ability to flexibly adapt to the continuous changes of the marketplace, locally and internationally, has been an added value to incessantly upgrade and improve the series of our services to better serve our clientele.

Mission Statement

Challenger’s main mission is to be acknowledged by our valued customers as the most professional company, distinguished by its wide variety of services consistent with the international standards of health, safety and environment practices through the company’s quality management principles. The unlimited innovative series of services, whether drilling or work-over services, have been the route to lead the world of drilling contractors in Africa and the Middle East Regions.

Since we believe that growth and investment have to be simultaneously developed, Challenger is committed to maintain its high quality and standards while expanding its services in the home market as well as in the newly identified markets. Preserving the characterized quality of Challenger services should never be affected by the growth plans, as it is the backbone of the company’s distinguished reputation in the market.

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Bullet Our Clients

With the capability of providing various services consistent to each of our clients’ demand, Challenger Limited has been enlarging its clientele base and expanding the area of its services more


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